custom usb.

Custom USB has refined fashion retailing with innovative strategies and brings iconic customized collection in pendrives, powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers and other tech-products.

They are smart and determined to make a custom gadget and one stop solution provider for all unique corporate gifts.

Our Work:
Branding, Marketing, Designing


As the branding agency, we’ve helped them in creating identity which provides a visual language that is infused with smart, bold and empowering designs.

We are operating to translate the adaptability and personalized of them while also rallying audience and businesses.

Project Goals:

We wanted to create a brand that is refined while merging seamlessly with current market. Our research showed that in a tech-centered system, it would be important to incorporate Elements that are friendly and approachable yet modern and sophisticated in implementation.

We've launched campaigns to help them improve their market positioning in order to raise brand visibility and solidify a clear foothold in a heavily competitive environment.

"Altertab serves as an extension to our digital marketing team and has been really satisfied with the quality of their work."

Client Review